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Yes! Add our Angelic Empath mini-course  for only $15, so you can learn to rewire your Empathic brain to stop surviving and begin THRIVING. You do not have to suffer and feel drained day to day. You can learn to clear and protect your energy on a daily basis. This self-guided course walks you through a transformational shift that every empath needs.

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How To Handle Spirits In Your Space Mini Course

Are you using Sage to cleanse your energy and home? While Sage works for your energy and the overall energy in your space, it will NOT clear negative entities. Break through the misinformation with Morgana Starr. With 30 years of Spiritual work, she has been working with entities and treating them with love and compassion to clear them for decades. She is a new thought leader that bust metaphysical myths… with Sage clearing negative entities being the most frustrating of all.


Learn the proper way to handle the energy in your home and your space. You will learn to discern between a malicious entity and a neutral one. You will learn to identify if the situation is too serious to handle on your own, and if so, what you can do. This self guided course will help guide you.


Learn to manage the energy in your home without disrespecting the dead. Morgana can help! You do not have to suffer with anxieties over the energy in your space.

9 Modules that cover everything you need to know…


-What is Sage and why does everyone use it?

-What happens if I use Sage on a negative entity?

-How can I discern between different kinds of paranormal activity?

-Can I just follow up with Palo Santo?

-What alternatives are there for energy cleansing?

-How can I protect my own personal energy?

-What Angels can I call upon to help?

-How can I use sage for personal use?

-What do I do if I am certain I am dealing with a negative entity?

At the end of the course, you will take an assessment which will confirm all you have learned.