Awaken Institute, Inc.


You will discover 5 simple shifts about:

  • Why your energy is completely scattered and what you can do to be fully connected to Source.
  • Why you feel powerless and at the mercy of everyone else’s energy.
  • How to reconnect with your true self and stop saying ‘Yes’ to everyone.
  • Know you are not crazy and how to know your spiritual gifts are real.
  • The biggest mistake lightworkers make and how to fix it.
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Ready to transform your life?

The Soul Empowerment course will help you do just that!  This 12-week mentorship is a guide to transforming your mind, body, and spirit.  With weekly lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Recognize your spiritual gifts and how to use them.
  • Let go of old programming that may be holding you back from becoming your greater self.
  • Protect your energy so that you may be better able to help yourself and others.
  • Connect with your Angels and Guides.

You are worth it!

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